Welcome to the Beaucroissant fairs.
We are delighted to welcome you to two very special editions of the fair this year: 

• The 50th Spring fair from Saturday 27th April till Sunday 28thApril 2019 
• The 800th Autumn fair from Friday 13th September till Sunday 15thSeptember 2019 
Over the past few centuries, the town of Beaucroissant, near Grenoble, has hosted two massive fairs twice a year in April and September:

• The Spring fair celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and will welcome some 1000 market stalls with 300,000 visitors on a ground covering 15 hectares.

• The Autumn fair - the original one that has been running for 800 years - will see some 1500 stalls from all over France on a ground covering 30 hectares. Approximately 800,000 people are expected to attend this fair. 

There is a very popular cattle show and competition plus, on the first day of each fair, there is a fascinating display of horses, pigs, goats and sheep.

On Saturday 14th September 2019 there is going to be an impressive firework display together with other special celebrations that we are keeping secret for the moment. 

General information for visitors 

• The entry to the fair is free 
• The fair is open from 8.30 AM till 7 PM 
• Restaurants and refreshments stalls are open from 8.30 AM till 11 PM 
• The funfair is open from 10.00 AM till midnight 
• Parking is available on site (about 4 euros per day) 

General information for stall owners 

• To take part (subscribe) in the event, please follow the link or the page in the “Exposant” part and fill in the form. 
• You can also contact us directly by mail or phone: foire@beaucroissant.fr Tel: +33 46 653 497 ask for Isabelle Delahaye  

How to get to the fair:  

In the heart of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, the fair of Beaucroissant lies 80 km from Lyon, 30 km from Grenoble and 50 km from Chambery. The nearest airport is Saint Geoirs only 10 km away. Driving there is easy with D road and the A48 motorway. You can also reach the fair by train or bus.

History of the fair: 
It all started in 1219 when the Bourg d’Oisan lake flooded Grenoble killing many people. The following year, to remember the tragic event, a religious ceremony was organised in the church of Parmenie, overlooking Beaucroissant. This became an annual event, attracting large crowds and then food and drink stalls started to appear and it grew even further to become the big very popular country fair that it now is. 

Each fair attracts enormous amount of exhibitors with extensive types of shopping 

• There is a cattle show where you can mingle amongst the most impressive beasts all competing for prizes plus, on the first day of each fair, there is a fascinating display of horses, pigs, goats and sheep.  
• There are tractors and other farm machinery on display  
• There is a large area dedicated to smaller animals such as hens, birds and rodents 
• You will be charmed by the pet section with puppies and kittens  
• There are all sorts of shopping opportunities available: shoes, jewellery, clothes, leather goods, tools, household items, accessories etc. 
• In the covered area you will find furniture, beds, kitchens and heating systems 
• There are trade sections which include building work and motor vehicles 
• In the April fair, there is a horticultural section with all sorts of plants and flowers 
• There is a funfair offering over forty thrilling rides, candyfloss stalls and stalls to test your skills 
• Food is available with a fantastic choice from all the areas of France. Twenty restaurants and fast food stalls will cater for all your needs.

To assure your safety, a medical team is always on duty as well as members of the fire brigade, police officers and security guards. 

There is an ATM in front of the “mairie” (Town Hall) and at the entrance of the fair where the welcoming committee is.
We look forward to welcoming you to the oldest and biggest country fair in France, set in a stunning area near the Alps, the Vercors and Chartreuse mountain ranges. We guarantee you a truly unique and unforgettable day at the famous fair of Beaucroissant.
translation by Martine Dawson